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because of this storm. and special thanks to dominic, he doesn't care about insurance, he's helping the neighbors rip off and clean up. >> we're glad you're back. >> this is a fox news channel special presentation. >> tur bucks, now, neil cavuto. >> neil: it's on the final election three days away and anger and frustration continue to mount over that response to sandy. today, it's the tale of two remarkable lines. this one for folks just looking to fill up, as the shortage of gas for the northeast leads to rationing and a lot more. and these lines, folks lining up for early voting in florida. some waiting for four hours to vote. so far more than 25 million
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americans cast ballots in 34 states and we're with louisiana residential governor bobby jindal shall the storm after the storm. jack welch on the d.c. storm. and charlie rangel on the government's stormy response to sandy and how it reverberates. and first the very latest what's going on. forget the dollars, it's sandy thing is turning dire, very dire, over 100 dead now with the count expected to go higher as rescue workers finally reach the flooded homes and no less than michael bloomberg predicting more bodies will be found. and president obama fema headquarters this morning, holding a conference call with the governors of new york, new jersey, and connecticut. and it's that '70s show in the garden state all over again. new jersey governor chris christie ordering odd-even rationing to ease the
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incredibly long lines. and odd numbers on the license plates, odd days and even numbers on the plates, in some 12 counties and governor mitt romney wrapping up an event in new hampshire and governor gin cal travelling with him. we'll talk to him in a few moments. back to staten island and the storm after the storm. those escaping death now pleading with city officials for food, water, and any help they can get. to anna kooiman on staten island now, anna? >> all right, well, good morning to you, neil. yeah, you mentioned over 169 deaths at least caused by hurricane sandy and 22 of those right here on staten island at least. and as police are saying, those numbers could be going up, as they continue to uncover debris and potentially find more bodies. we're about 300 yards from the ocean or from the water here and i can tell you that there's pretty much not a home in this neighborhood that has
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not been completely destroyed by hurricane sandy. and residents are hoping for food and for water and for information, now, homeland security secretary janet napolitano did tour the area and promising resources and governor cuomo promising 100 million for relief for the victims of hurricane sandy and this morning, announcing a temporary deployment of gas trucks to try to help with the shortage. but these residents, they are just absolutely desperate neil and i'm joined by a staten island resident. >> good morning, how are you. >> reporter: tell me what it is you've been dealing with because you're all fired up. >> well, we're stuck on the avenue and a lot of other neighbors and we have no electricity, no phones, no cell phones, and what's happening, we can't get in touch with fema. we tried to put online applications and most of us do not have-- you have to go to neighbors. >> reporter: and check the internet and you say i don't have internet. >> i don't have it and i've
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been chasing fema since yesterday. they told me to go to susan wagner, they said to go down by the beach here and i found out supposed to be here at nine o'clock this morning and now they're on mount loretta. >> as you're chasing them around, what are you doing, how much gas do you have in your car. >> my generator is pumping water out of my home and other neighbors are trying to help so i have to wait online, one o'clock, two o'clock to get a few gallons if we're lucky. appreciate if maybe officials would come down and hand out papers and tell us where you'll be tomorrow the next day so that we can get to you. and how do you feel like the response has been from the red cross? a couple of days ago they said they tried to get ten trucks onto the island and having a hard time because of the traffic issues. have you felt like their response has been better in the last couple of days. >> yesterday was the first day they came down with some food. and i didn't even know that to come back water and food and no one came to tell us they're here. >> that's the thing, it's
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having to be word of mouth as much as possible and saying to check twitter as well, but many people don't have a way to charge their cell phones even. we can tell you this tweet came out producer piping hot meals prepared by our partners, southern baptist and loaded on red cross trucks for staten island. so, you know, and that's the thing, you really are having to rely on old forms of communication, aren't you. >> yes. and my other thing, i do work for the city and bloomberg has said that mandatory employees go to work, i can't, because i have a basement and other parts full of water and we may not get paid for it. how do you this to your people of your city. i don't know if my husband has a job. and i need my income, but i need a day or two, that i have some time, we'll be calling our bank, and he says you may not be able to use it. how do you do this to us? it's supposed to be your city. >> residents on staten island in particular has been upset
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about the new york city marathon that was going to be going on tomorrow. i can't count how many expletives, i've heard regarding that. how do you feel about the mayor bloomberg deciding to cancel it. >> excellent the people need hotels to stay in and to have people come here for a marathon is just pathetic, pathetic. >> initially his reasoning, it's been going on for decades and rallies and invigorates the community. do you think there's something else that can be done to try to rally the community other than a marathon that you would suggest. >> i would suggest let's get everyone together come out and help and let the officials come out here and see how you're living before you wear about a marathon. two, three weeks from now if possible, but not now. >> and i would like to say that we know the death toll is about 200, not the 19. >> 22 is what we have on record, but we can tell you as well. and thank you so much for your time, good luck to you, we can tell you neil, a lot of residents tell us they think that number is much higher,
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back to you. >> neil: thank you, anna, very, very much. in fact mayor bloomberg intimated yesterday in a press statement in the one before he canceled the marathon. the reason we're going back to staten island, you might hear from officials at fema and the administration that everything is fine and teams are on the ground addressing it, the fact of the matter is it's not fine. take a look at staten island, that's not fine and texting and tweeting relief reminders to folks who don't have internet and power, it shows the folly of what's going on here. so, when we were talking yesterday, as we were about officials of all stripes, and patting themselves on the back, it's little a mystery why so many of their constituents want to just give them a swift kick in the rear, including my next guest who just electrified folks when she was joining me last night on fox news. back with us mary anne, a staten island resident. she's spoken to us about things to the mayor the fema
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officials are not seeing, are not reporting, are not grasping, how are things looking now, mary anne. >> neil, it's just another day. things don't look any better than they did yesterday. finally, we see red cross in the field, but they're located there, try and walk through the debrisment and everything in the street to get there and it's impossible. and i believe that the death toll also is much higher than that i know for a fact in duncan hills my cousin lives there, the property, no one's every been there to look at it. and you know, they say, oh, listen to the news and do twitter and facebook and do that, there's no electricity. >> neil: and mary anne, when you say no one has been able to look at the properties, in other words, a lot of homes underwater or homes uplifted or moved and no way to get to them and the feeling, some fema folks are talking about, that the body count could be higher, right? >> i'll bet that the body count is higher, many areas in
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duncan hills that have not been touched. my cousin's there and she's been there since the day this happened in her home. no one, no one has been to her area, duncan hills in jefferson and called her this morning all she has the is cell phone to see if she's okay, i'm in my own devastation, but i couldn't get to her because of the flooding. >> neil: mary anne when we were chatting yesterday on staten island, i thought it was the rodney dangerfield of new york boroughs and i said that in a kind way, that it never gets the respect or attention it deserves, in this case you had among the worst storm damage anywhere. does it bother you when you hear fema officials, administration officials commending each other for the great job they're doing? you don't seem to be seeing it? >> well, you know what? i have to go back to what miss napolitano said from yesterday's interview, staten island is devastated and she
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didn't pat anybody on the back just said who was present. i think these politicians, they're all for themselves, they're living in their houses during the storm in warm blankets and warm homes and they're just looking at each other, you know wh? it's the people who count, not the politicians, we have a right to speak, and to say what we want to say. and our politicians are suppose today back us and be there for us and i'll be honest with you, outside of a handful there isn't many and lost total respect for bloomberg, even though he canceled his marathon run, because common sense you take care of people in need before you take care of yourself. >> neil: mary anne be well. i wish the best for you, as do our viewers, mary anne. we only show this, folks, to put this in perspective. you're hearing glad-handing how it's under control and not a problem and that was the same kind of initial reaction we got after katrina, 2005, i'm not again, not comparing the gravity of the two events,
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but comparing the immediate initial response over the handling of this event and what i'm noting is the distinct difference in the coverage of 2005 versus this storm in 2012. and whether it's going to be an issue a few days from know you. >> it could be. what we're seeing now that the mayor's moment of let them eat cake, passed, the marathon. i've yet to see him in staten island. >> neil: i don't know that he's been there yet. >> that's interesting. doesn't that tell you everything that your two people you listened and other lady you interviewed said. the fact of the matter is, there is a political effort to run the clock out and with the media just like they've done on libya, just like they've hidden the truth about libya, it's the hide the truth about this and the service of obama's campaign of the let's get it straight. the president-- >> and the first to take camera crews to go to staten island and show it, fox was. and other media glom on. you can't ignore this, is
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there a disconnect? >> there's a disconnect. politicians want to say everything is okay, the reality is quite different. my god, what were they going to do, have runners out in staten island stumbling over bodies? the fact that they don't care about ordinary people. and the president took ownership of this the other day when he said to governor christy, oh, 15 minutes, call me every 15 minutes, well, where is the federal response for these people? why hasn't there been more done. people sitting in gas numbers for hours, and should go even and odd. how many years do you take to learn-- >> and we've heard now at that things are under control and officials tell us things are under control and we get more and more evidence, wait a minute, they're not under control. they're saying outside of those immediately impacted states people notice-- >> they see real people in lines, when they see it, that's my point about the mainstream media, but when they see it, going, hey, that's not well. and these people, and they're, you know, start thinking, wait a minute, this is supposed to
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be all solved. it raises doubt. so, i think that the more these stories get out, the less the president wanted to own this he should have stayed in the white house. going out and campaigning six events and doing a fema thing. hey, get something to somebody, that's the test. >> neil: all right. pat goodell, thank you so much. this situation is escalating not easing. forget the cost the nearly 3 million folks without power and the fact that a body count could rise and maybe substantial substantially. again, it's not katrina 2005, but the reaction and the indifference and the cockiness on the part of officials who tell you all is under control, very, very similar. the only difference is this, the media treatment of it. more after this. bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> phenomenal job. the good news the help has been coming. >> we had a good plan. >> it's been excellent. >> well executed. >> let me thank you and your entire team. >> a lot of criticism of fema back in the katrina days and today you hear nothing, but
7:17 am
good things about fema. >> i want to thank craig fewgate, craig lives and breathes this stuff. >> all right, you know, i'm hearing all of this glad-handing and back slapping and i have a lot of friends, obviously, family in the metropolitan area around new york, a lot of friends very close ones in staten island. i knew what was going on. and i want you to juxtapose these guys high-fiving each other and this. >> fed up, fed up, this line, that line. what are we? is this america? >> we have no food. >> people trapped in here still. >> don't have anything anywhere to go, i don't have no clothes. >> people here still hurting, still looking for people. i mean, it's crazy. >> nothing's been done here. >> you can't do do anything. >> you've got no gas, nothing. >> years in my home and then lost it. >> and who are you going to believe, officials, saying everything is hunky-dory, we're on it or those who are
7:18 am
right, knee deep, literally in the middle of it. bobby jindal knows how to handle these crisis and handled more than a few of them getting help, troops, immediately to those affected areas. governor jindal joins me right now. governor, they're not getting out there. there's a great disconnect between the help that we're told is on the way and there -- and the reality for a lot of these folks, what do you do? >> well, neil, three things, obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been victimized by the storm, by hurricane sandy. obviously the folks in louisiana know what it's been like, been through katrina, rita, siisaac, if you're outside the impacted area and go and donate to your favorite charity, those involved in helping people to get back on their feet, we've experienced the faith-based groups and charity groups are so many times the first on the scene, very, very effective and a lot of times more effective than the governor and i agree with what you're saying earlier. the reality it's way too early
7:19 am
for any elected leader to be declaring victory or scoring political points reality of helping the folks, getting fuel, water, people in their homes, and power turned on. way too early to be patting themselves on their backs. and many times the hardest work is the storm, in the aftermath. communities devastated. it's different when it's more than a home or block, as you've been showing on your show and other shows, when you've got an entire community devastated makes it that much harder it get back on their feet. inside of trying to score political points, it's important to focus on helping people. my experience, our experience in louisiana, look bureaucracy doesn't move as quickly, not accustomed to moving quickly and it's not a partisan issue, you've got to push the bureaucracy at every level, federal level to move quickly, have a sense of urgency, to get the job done, worry about
7:20 am
paper work and other stuff later, but to focus on results not process, that's my experience in every one of these challenges, whoever is in charge you've got to push the bureaucracy. >> neil: do you think that if the president said this this response has been adequate and proves that it's not been or maybe it's even a lot worse than he's ever let on, that this comes back to hurt him in campaigning, business as usual, will come back to hurt him? >> well, look, a couple of things, one, it's way too early for the president or anybody else to say how the response has been going. there is still an ongoing crisis, still people, as you've been reporting on. there are still, in the very early stages of recovering, responding to this, this massive storm. so, it's way too early for the president to say that the response has been one way or the other. secondly, i think most folks aren't worried about the politics, they're worried about getting the folks back on their feet and getting them-- just, you know, i think one of the most eloquent expressions and heard it during katrina and now, this is america, we should help our people and
7:21 am
shouldn't have to wait long for food and basics, basic supplies, shouldn't have to wait for those things so, i think the most important thing now is not the political points, not the political posturing on both sides, but to help these folks get back on their feet and stop declaring victory and speeches, help these people get back to some sense of normalcy. for many people they're looking for several months if not years of work to rebuild their communities, not going to happen overnight, so the quicker we can help them get back to some normalcy, some kind of semi permanent housing and some sense of rebuilt schools for the kids and energy power, food, utilities, just the normal basic necessities of life, the better those communities and po people will be. >> neil: governor jindal, thank you very much. we'll continue to monitor this, respond to this, not just by showing you, but by actually doing something, we'll take a close look at this, and economic impact on this on a day both campaigns are out full throttle to get out the vote and a lot of the
7:22 am
early vote, and 35 million americans already doing so, it's going to get very big, very interesting, very hot very fast. jack welch, very soon. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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this is hayden. he's five years that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message
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about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. >> all right. we have been focusing on the aftermath of hurricane sandy and regardless what happens in the end it's going to have a big impact on the economy and the economy is improving, the administration says, in the final reports before the election, a surprising better than 170,000 jobs added to the economy. unemployment rate at 7.9%. back with us is jack welch who might quibble with that rate in and about the last time, but still don't necessarily buy these numbers. >> neil, look, the real
7:26 am
unemployment rate, if you take the last ten years prior to the 2009 recession, the 10-year average of let's call it the participation rate, how many people are working temporarily, full-time, and you take that number and take the ten year average and ran it now, work for us, you would have an unemployment rate close to 11% and that's what the real unemployment rate that people are feeling out there, not discouraged workers walked away all that stuff, but that's the real rate. now, this number of 7.8, that popped in the other day just didn't make any sense, i mean, you had a number that suddenly had more people added since ronald reagan's biggest month in june of '83 in september. that didn't-- >> so, apparently you were questioning the math? >> i was question the methodology, to go out. >> neil: gotcha. >> it's 2000 people on a phone in three phone banks calling people, saying, hey, are you
7:27 am
working? hey, how much time are you working? >> by the way, they're calling at home in the middle of the day? they're obviously not. and what is your sense then of the economy, jack. and the president tells people, look the trend is our friend. things are getting better. mitt romney says, if this is better, it's bad. so, what, what is your gut? >> my gut is that the economy in gas and oil is improving because of fracking, in automotive because of objectless senobject did the obsolescpence. and the economy is running along at 1 1/2% gdp rate and might get 2 now and then. look what happened in the third quarter. 62% of americans miss their revenue forecasts, that
7:28 am
doesn't bode well. challenger came out this week with an announcement that-- layoff announcements are up 41%. >> neil: so why is this there dichotomy between average folks and one consumer confidence survey out very high, but bosses, guys like you, not nearly so confident? tactful in fact, very dower. i generally worry when my boss is depress and i wonder why should i be happy? >> the industrial economy right now is so uncertain. look, if -- let's talk about this election and going forward. as i see it, 2013 or 14, we've got four, if you will, question marks. the first two, the fiscal cliff everybody talks about. you know, the debt, the taxes, how are we going to handle revenues versus costs. the second one, the regulatory wall no one's talking about. the wall that's going to hit
7:29 am
with ozone pushed back to 2013, when american has a chance the right now to have this be the american century, this gas and oil break through with fracking and everything has a chance to change the world and we have a chance to be the most competitive country in the world with low cost energy across all businesses, with a great chemical industry, coming back. but that all depends on how we handle regulation. and this administration, more important to our future, lisa jackson, hilda solis, steven chu, regulating-- >> and you say it's going to be regulated to death and put a crimp on everything we do. >> this is the most important election of my life. >> neil: of your entire life?
7:30 am
>> my whole life. >> neil: even the lincoln one? >> i knew you were going there, go to my softer underbelly. but neil, we have a chance to turn america totally around. >> neil: what would happen if barack obama won, jack? >> i don't know the answer, but noi this, there's a high probability of regulatory crimp in the whole gas fracking area. >> neil: but, the whole big picture, jack welch sees barack obama reelect $, if it were to happen, what happens to the country? >> slow growth, growth that will come back with -- we have a monetary policy that makes money free, so we'll have a slow growth, 1 1/2 to 2% versus the opportunity for 3 to 4% growth rate. neil, we talked about the middle class. the the middle class has been hammered with $4,000 lower take home pay than before. the only way to get a middle
7:31 am
class, high paying jobs from a very competitive america, that will come from energy independence and low cost energy for every industry we have. that's what we need. we have a chance for the fiscal cliff with president romney who can work across the aisle to get a solution to the revenue costs and we have a huge chance to get north american energy independence and make america the most competitive country in the world. we have the intellectual horsepower and once we get the energy and have the low cost energy, this can be the american century, but it's not going to be the american century if you've got a small piece of this in new york, take the marcelist, the only state not doing anything in that area is new york, because they need another study,
7:32 am
another study. these regulators are going to choke us. >> neil: jack welch, always an honor and a pleasure, thank you very much. seems to know a thing or two about what he's talking about. we'll have more after this. ll, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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>> all right. here is the very latest. welcome everybody. take he election day, set in stone, think again. talk again this morning, hurricane sandy could force an extra day of voting in new york city, that could potentially impact presidential races and maybe the presidential race, i think that new york is safely blue unless there's a cataclysmic change. and we'll talk to the guy who could lead that charge should it happen. and sandy may be gone, but the changes left behind are far, far from over. it's hard to believe, but 3 million people are still without power, not just a couple of states we're talking over 15 states. and some of the outages could last near week as temperatures
7:36 am
continue to drop and tempers flaring in connecticut where utility workers were pelted with eggs and long lines for gas are not going away. across new york, reports of more long waits and triple-a says nearly half of all gas stations in new york and new jersey remain closed due to sandy and some people have been waiting in lines up to six hours, just to fill up. i might take a look at what's going on in washington right now. this is the million puppets march. started as a million muppets, but protests of mitt romney's plan to rein in pbs and funding for pbs, are other puppets sympathizing, this kind of tells you what's happening to the country. i'm telling you guys, it's rome, the final days. we've got senate races heating up in the middle of all of this puppetry. pollsters are start to go say the democrats will maintain
7:37 am
control, my next guest says not so fast. george allen the republican running for senate in virginia, he barely lost last time by just 1/10 of a point or so. right now the polls have him even with tim kaine and we reached out to tim kaine's office and have not heard back. they keep blowing us off and hopefully we'll hear back, but they just keep blowing us off. and senator, governor, good to have you. what do you think the senate looks like right now, if you had to handicap it? >> well, i think it's very close and all we can do is make sure to win virginia. we have a tight race in virginia, but my wife susan and i are working hard all over virginia and encouraged by the enthusiasm that we see that people envision a better future than what we're having to endure these days. virginians, care about the economy and the threat out of failed washington leadership on sequestration and costing over 200,000 jobs in our defense industries and jobs in
7:38 am
virginia being at risk and obviously, our military readiness harmed. you listen to jack welch, he's exactly on target, what we see in virginia is people in washington with the epa regulations outlawing coal which is causing thousands of job losses in communities in southwest virginia. and i'm told virginians on day one if i'm sworn in as your senator introducing a law off our coast and with mitt romney in the white house, he'll say yes to our cold fields and our coast and we could have a manufacturing renaissance and also more affordable fuel and electricity and a better quality of life. so, we're trying to motivate and inspire people for positive constructive ideas, that can get our country ascending once again and i want to be virginia's senator. my opponent wants to be president obama's-- >> well, a very good campaign
7:39 am
pitch there. i do want to talk about what you would do if you did get to the senate. it would be a lame duck session of the senate and congressman, that would have to handle some of the pressing issues, the fiscal cliff that jack welch talked about and you alluded to with the sequestration cuts. there is talks just about extending all of those bush rates, all of those cuts, putting them off for six months, maybe even a year, so that either reelected president obama or newly elected president obama can get their respective arms around this and either hammer out a new tax code, simpler tax code or something like that. do you think that's likely? >> i would like to see that happen. i don't think raising taxes in in weak economy would do anything other than put people out of work. the best way to raise revenues is with a vibrant economy and people working and getting a paycheck rather than worrying about unemployment benefits being extended and i do think that there's a basis for an agreement, a bipartisan
7:40 am
agreement to reform our tax code to make it more simple, more fair, more competitive, remove the loopholes, particularly for businesses where right now, american businesses are hit with the worst tax in the world at 35%. the international average is 25%. i've been advocating 20%. and if that were done over 500,000 new jobs would be created, and the dynamics of it, would be over 23 billion dollars in new revenues and also, unleashing our energy resources throughout our country, the federal government could get over 1 trillion dollars in revenues, without raising taxes. so, i'd like to see the people in both parties come together and work out a more simple, fair, and i think job creating tax system than the very complicated one that we have right now, that puts american job creators at a competitive disadvantage. >> neil: all right, senator, very good having you. be well. >> i'll do my very best, thank
7:41 am
you, neil. >> neil: all right, senator. we want to update you what's going on in new jersey right now, we're about an hour and a half, a little less than that from gas rationing and the first time we've seen that since the '70s, i'm old enough to remember that, and dad would give me the keys to the car, fill up your mother's car, odd-even days, what's happening in new jersey. and what if you're just driving through new jersey, you have no idea about this. it takes effect at noon, the idea to cut down the lines, so, see how that goes, but i have an idea this is not going to be received well. and what about the people trying to fill up, containers for their generators? and odd-even days for them? i'm telling you, this could be a mess, but governor christy is trying at least to get it under control. we have a lot more. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> may be less after pain in the gas. new york governor cuomo along with the department of defense
7:45 am
setting up emergency mobile fuel stations this just coming into us from the area that will allow free gasoline distributed to gas strapped customers. 10 gallon per person limit. i don't know where these setup centers would be. but that they're trucking up to 12 million gallons of fuel to the new york area for this, beginning like now. this weekend. and this on the same day we're about a little over an hour away from gas rationing going into effect in the state of new jersey, the first time we've seen that since the last energy crisis back in 1979, ott plates that end in odd number get gas on odd days, even numbered plates on even days. and, but most folks in new jersey have no idea this is happening and most travelling through e state have no idea this is happening, so imagine their surprise a little afternoon that they have the wrong plate and they expect gas and the guy tells them at
7:46 am
the pump, sorry, you'll have to come tomorrow. that should go down well. anyway, reaction to all this have and what could be a storm whose final tally could be north of 50 billion dollars and former ceo of payne webber and so many others, keep them rolling below his name. how do you think it goes down. >> new yorkers come through it's a serious problem. the lemtations of the infrastructure in new york and around the country, this is the topic that was promipromine couple of years ago, and now, the infrastructure is old, you see it in the infrastructure, the roads, and the ability to delivery gasoline. and fortunately we have a great mayor in mike
7:47 am
bloomberg-- >> a lot of people saying maybe not that great, and the marathon thing. >> a little late in that decision, but he made the decision and i think the fact is that the infrastructure this have great country is not up to. >> neil: and how do you pay for that? >> you're going to have to pay for it with taxes and i think in the case of president obama and the next president, anything about infrastructure is creates jobs, visible jobs and people will see people out there working. visible jobs in the community, making a direct impact on what's going on. >> neil: i agree with you, but every penny i've seener ma e earmarked for infrastructure, i know it's a dirty word, it's not there. for every dime, for a road or bridge, a lot of dimes, because we never get the roads and bridge. between tolls and surtax and fees, and to do the very thing to be done i think most would
7:48 am
agree with you, we don't see it. do we need like a infrastructu infrastructural lock box? >> and it gets diluted by the system and one of the issues in the election, the government keeps getting bigger and bigger. is that problem going to get bigger. eventually in this conduct, the problem is so visible, so obvious, that even all the politicians can get together and present something that's practical and effective and will work. >> so, if we switch players in the white house, let's say president obama comes in. will it change? do you fear-- i know you've addressed this in the past in several administrations, that there's just a tone in washington, that makes getting anything done impossible? >> yeah, i've been down there and unfortunately that's the tone and whatever you say it's hard for the administration to get everything done. they've handed over the the keys to the congress and the congress is filled with idea logs willing to sacrifice the
7:49 am
future of the country in order to push their own point. you've got to hope this time around, whoever is the next president will be able to walk across the aisle, get some compromises and more important than that, pick the right priorities, obviously, there's a fiscal cliff, right, we've got to take care of that. beyond that, there are multiple things that have to be done about the economy, the most important is having a job friendly creation opportunity. it's not easy, so, wall street, i think, i think markets will go up no matter whoever wins. >> after we've heard, markets, pressages, are you in that camp. >> i think the reality is, yields are too low to keep your morning in things that are earning nothing. >> neil: that's a good point. don marin, thank you so much. we talk about the interest rate on treasury notes and bonds and anything beats virtually zero percent and
7:50 am
that's the hope, hope springs etern eternal. how do you we fix the infrastructure mess, how about 12 million for fema for a start? congress wants that. after this.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> all right. s as the rescue efforts tip along the northeast coast, along atlantic city and right through staten island where damage is now in the tens of billions of dollars, to the guy who says fema to the rescue, but fema needs more money to rescue. the democratic congressman from the fine state of pennsylvania, give them another what, 12 billion bucks, right? >> well, 12 billion is the bill. it's about 6.7 billion for fema and another 5 billion to help state and local
7:54 am
governments. your governor there in new york says it's 50 billion dollar problem in terms of cost to new york, new jersey, you've got to do something with rebuilding that coastline and all of the damage. in philadelphia, connecticut, the damage and cost to local government. so, i would put forward a bill, there will be a bill to provide emergency funding because the storm, as there always is, and the question about, you know, when we move and how we move it. i think we should move forward aggressively now because you know, i heard on fox business that it's 25 billion in retail sale losses, i mean, we -- there's going to be a real economic consequence here and we need to respond. >> neil: you know, maybe i'm maybe the only one in the country that doesn't share your enthusiasm for fema because i saw a lot of fema officials and others slapping themselves on the back about the great job they're doing, congressman and looking at
7:55 am
staten island and looking off the jersey coast and seeing, well, they're obviously unaware or not addressing some of the real problems out there. they're still a lot of ridiculous things like texting and tweeting people about what they can do, and the people have no power and no phones. this is part and parcel of the problem, if you're going to argue giving billions in more money believing they're up to snuff of doing the job. i don't see that. >> when you're in the middle of the crisis and-- >> i'm in the middle of the crisis and i was in the middle of the crisis and was with people in the crisis and they say the people in charge of addressing the crisis don't do anything about the crisis. >> let me just say this, neil, there's no the better agency anywhere in the world to respond to emergencies and as you just mentioned there are 12 million gallons of gasoline being flown in through six c-130's, and flying utility trucks from as far away from
7:56 am
california to help repair power lines, power's coming back on in parts of new york and my belief is that by-- >> well, you and i, we're going to argue over fema and whether it's worth it because i disagree, that's okay. i'm very, very-- >> the only agency we have to deal with these problems. >> neil: i'm concerned where you're going to get the 14 billion, 12 billion, just go deeper into debt? >> well, look, what we need-- this is about a month and a half of what we spent in afghanistan. so, let's be clear. if in new york and new jersey and connecticut and pennsylvania is not worth a month and a half of what our country is spending in a place that most of us will never ever see. >> neil: okay. >> i don't know where our priorities are. >> neil: all right, congressman, thank you very much. and the scene right now ocean county, new jersey. the storm goes on and floods go on, a lot of big questions as to the best way to help these people. these people. we shall see, we shall see. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
7:57 am
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>> ♪ your battle your bucks and now neil cavuto. >> neil: it is fast and furious and just starting. three days left to go and none - nonstop. new york governor announcing temporary fuel trucks deployed in key locations in new york city and long island. eight million gallons and 28 million on the way, gas sorely needed for emergency vehicles and just a lot of folks to fill up. new jersey which has gaserationing is giving voters in the state post sandy options. they can drop by the county
8:01 am
clerk's office to vote in person or text a approximate number to find out if their polling location was moved to the storm. that assuming you have power to do so. long lines in florida. folks waiting upwards to four hours. miami-dade and broward county are reporting the longest line. newt gingrich with us now. and the long voting lines. in florida and other places we have seen them speaker, what do you make of them? >> i actually don't know. the gall up organization said among early voting romney led by 7 points and that was a startling number because the obama people told us early voting and ground game and voting offices was the sea. carl rove said if you look at absentee ballots it is
8:02 am
favorable to mitt romney than obama and michael baron said mitt romney will win in a land slide. they tend to be in places for mccain and not for obama. it is hard for me to know what is going on. >> you and me both. one thing that was interesting when i listened to the president talking about early voting trend and talk up in ohio and the democratic camp is saying just to compensate for the early voting disadvantage mitt romney is out in ohio. i don't know how that extrap polate this out. he would have to get 59 percent to win the state on election day. how do you see ohio? >> i was in hamilton county, cincinnati and delaware county on monday. everywhere i went. it was enthusiasm for romney .
8:03 am
feeling that hamilton county, cincinnati, won 28,000 votes for obama and 12 to 20,000 votes for mitt romney and if that happens you talk about a land slide. it is almost impossible for obama to suffer a 50,000 vote turn around in hamilton county and winco - win ohio. >> neil: you warned about the coming deadline yet it is getting close. as a former speaker and you know how the washington process workings. what do they do whether bark obama or mitt romney is reelected. is it a lame duck session or what? >> guest: if they are smart they postpone it and settle down and set down a series of doable steps. a couple of guys in the room
8:04 am
and magically come up with a brilliant solution to the problem is bad of an idea for a free society as i can imagine. this is all fixable if it is done methodically and new idea and solutions . for example, if you liberate the federal lands for the development of natural gas and oil, you can get a trillion in royalties over the next 20 years with no tax increase . if you apply american express and visa and master card to tracking fraud in medicare and medicaid. you can save by not paying crookings. the problem with washington, people get stupid. they get in a room and come up with a big slogan and staff writes it up at 3:00 in the morn pass a bill that no one understands it is a bipartisan rush to being pretty dumb and worst possible way to govern.
8:05 am
they have the time and they should set goals. they should solve 1-12th of it a month. >> neil: you appear to be saying, look, those cuts and all of the bush rates that automatically expire. you would keep aller extend them all? >> guest: why put an axe over your head and say stand there and watch me cut myself in to because i am too stupid to pull the axe down safely. it is a dumb idea a year ago and now and decimate our military and makes no sense at all. and i am not proud of either party for participating in it. >> neil: there is a march and rally in washington right now. calling the million puppet march. it was supposed to be a million muppet march to protest obama's proposal to
8:06 am
cut. nine puppets got sick . puppiets are represented there as well the silliness aside. it is disturbing that this is a big focal point of the debate when we are really talking about reigning in the growth of government? >> guest: this happened in 1995. any time you mention pbs they try big bird. the actor who plays big bird gets $317,000 for being inside of the bird seat. sesame street company makes revenue and six percent comes from the government. it is so important to liberals. national public radio get ace million and don't they call it national taxpayer's radio. these nusions will all survive. no one talked about closing them.
8:07 am
they will all survive because people want them to survive. the idea of borrowing money from the chinese to give to big bird is absurd . it is like watching the fiasco you are seeing in new jersey and new york. this is the second major crisis with the department of homeland security failed abysmally. it needs to be overhalled because it is incapable. >> neil: what did you make of the congressman telling me 12 or 14 billion more to fema? >> guest: if you are a liberal democrat you want to spend more and you would like to spend more last week on something else and if you are a liberal democrat you want bigger government with more unionized employees and that is the model of the world you believe in. and look at new jersey and new york. in the absence of an intelligent affective plan, we are giving away gasoline and
8:08 am
we are now rationing gasoline . you raised a great point. are neigh they waiving people on the out of state cars or people with the wrong license having to go to a hotel to wait until tomorrow to buy gasoline. >> neil: it will not go down well. it will not go down well. speaker, always a pleasure . newt gingrich. swing state polls that show the contest is tight. we added up the states where the president and mitt romney and respective running mates are going. there might be states for the next three days they don't exist. highlighted states do. this is the focus of the election. everyone else. sit down . colorado is one of those state that is is getting good deal of attention.
8:09 am
an independent pollster. it is not surprising that the swing states get the attention they do. but it seems disporportionately so this time. what do you make of that? >> guest: not only neil disporportionate, but a smaller group of states. typically we had targeted states. some states either in your camp or not . now it is down for the most part nine states. colorado had 100 million just on television. the president's been here and romney . the president has been here 15 times. i lost count and they clearly don't believe the polls at the moment. because recent poll up here said the president is ahead by two. and a poll that said mitt romney up by three. and romney is here this afternoon . president here tomorrow. i think they both believe the
8:10 am
state is in play and nine little electorial votes can make the difference. >> if you are mitt romney and fear you may not take ohio . you know this better thana i they are all over the maps. some polls have it within the margin of error and if not for the president. not all but many. can you cobble together a series of other states like colorado that could make up for that? >> absolutely. obviously he's still believes in ohio and you are right. i think there is going to be an examination of polling if romney wins and if he wins ohio hat is as newt said a land slide. >> neil: you think that is going to happen that he wins ohio? >> guest: if he wins ohio there is a land slide building. there is a debate going on
8:11 am
most polls ippedicate the president is ahead there. but the romney people are arguing that they are missing this republican enthusiasm that has been animated by the great debate and a lot of work . if that is true, there will be an examplation - examination of the methodology of national polls that were taken there. but he will have to put together the 270 electorial votes and he will need to win most of the other major competitive state. wisconsin, and nevada, and obviously florida and virginia. heel have to put that whole package together and he looked at pennsylvania in the last few days and put money in there. >> neil: that is a tough one. that is a tough one. >> the numbers are not good there. >> neil: we'll watch and floyd, thank you . in the middle sandy and a lot
8:12 am
of these states are without power and if you want to go to your voting precinct, you will not be able to. there is a paper ballot and you can write down your voting preference and they count it by hand and makings for a long election night n new york, they are trying to extend voting in the next day so people will have more time to do that. new york is a sacred blue state but could affect the delay and a number of congressional races and compel other states to start wanting to do the same thing. to extend a voting deadline, is something that would be for everybody. it is a federal act, but individual states can do one at a time their own thing. if new york does that and others fol, and then what? it you turns into a late election night and week. going nonstop covering this?
8:13 am
it could get messy, after is this. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals.
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8:16 am
>> neil: miami-dade, early voting today, starting today, that is a very long line and this is typical of what we are seeing in florida. some that is in the country. they have 25 million . be that as it may a sign of the times for the voters turn out being be heavy. it is always whose base and who comes out.
8:17 am
in new york metropolit an area it could be a question of power. and on election day itself. what happens in that event and how do you get up and running and voters to the polls in that event? a fellow following it closely. john coxly. new york board of election spokesperson. and one of your ideas was extend voting to the next day november seventh, right. >> it wouldn't happen the next day. do you to a natural disaster less than 25 percent of the registered vores in a particular jurisdiction don't turn out there can be additional day of voting that takes place no less than 20 days after the election. we have to determine the turn out in the area and then the state board would desigate when the election would take place. >> neil: that could be confusion and abuse?
8:18 am
>> we have never done it before. it is the first time it happened. >> neil: have you had election than fewer of the -- off have voted? >> no, last year we had impact from hurricane irene and lee and a similar situation of moving poll sites and we were able to do that and this provision of the law would not be available for that. as i said we have never done that. >> neil: now, a cynic in me would say it is sort of like a football game and you don't like the score and you extend to a fifth or sixth quarter. i know that is not your personal intent but you can see it is like rigging a vote to get a desired response. >> there would have to be agreement with the all four
8:19 am
commissioners two democrats and republicans to do the additional delay voting. >> neil: if you don't get it from the majority. >> you have to get at least three votes to do it. >> neil: how likely do you think it is? >> it is difficult to predict. for every voters to go to the pollthere would be a poll . we'll try to make sure we are not under that thres hold. >> neil: thank you. in new york a safe blue state. ronald reagan won new york . it is not unprecedented for a republican to win. but it would impact the congress. and all because of the storm that shut down electricity and polling places in the new york metropolitan. and at issue new jersey.
8:20 am
people can text their choices in earlier than normal so it is done and done soon. charlie rangel on all of that and much more after this. [ male announcer ] it's time for medicare open enrollment. are you ready? time to compare plans and see what's new. you don't have to make changes, but it's good to look. maybe you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ medicare open enrollment. now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪
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8:23 am
>> neil: i told you a while ago because of what you are seeing in new york and staten iphrand so many parts of thitate without power. they are toying of extending the election beyond november 6th. a follow up day could be actually weeks later and they would allow more folk to vote that might have been unable to on november 6th. reaction from charlie rangel. what do you make of that idea? >> if is chaos. my god, the winner would not want to go anywhere near that.
8:24 am
we had a legitimate case you agree in florida with bush snatching the election away. and they court went along with it. >> i know that. and let's talk about this. >> if i win that election, if it is one, it is won. that would be changing the rules no matter who wine're winnings. >> neil: they say if the turn out is under 25% it would be a reflection of people unable to get to the polls. you're saying it doesn't matter. >> guest: i am saying the rules in the games of the election expected from people and government is there. subjectively you get the turn out you expected it is not see so. making certain that people have an opportunity to vote, you take my word for it.
8:25 am
they can take tents and launch it inside. and you have no idea that you are in a tent. we have generator except lack of enthusiasm for people who want to vote not to be able to vote. we can do it. >> neil: okay. what do you think of how this is going to affect things around here. much of thitate is still without power and many more coming back on. but a lot of folks could be in that cycle on election day? >> guest: going to the long run. the overwhelming majority of people will not be . the compassion and sensitivity that people have, for people helping others that suffered more than they suffered each and every day is totally unbelievable. my confidence in america and especially new yorkers, during the time of crisis makes me
8:26 am
believe that when i got people asking me if they can go to staten island to help anyone out there and got churches cooking food for anybody that may have lost energy in terms of food, i just hope the good will feeling continues . the longer run, whether people believe we should invest in infrastructure or not . whether they have concern about global warming or not. this will change dramatically economically. 92 thatwhat are your folks doing for staten island. i got impressionitaten island was rodney dangererfield and no one paid attention or gave it much do. and a lot of officials congratulating themselves on what a great job they are doing and i look at those people out there and they are
8:27 am
saying hello, not out there. is there a disconnect? >> guest: they stopped the mara thon. >> neil: took a lot of bitching. depest guest they got what they wanted you think it was the right decision in >> guest: under the circumstances. i would havemented the support and money and go to worth while causes to ease the pain. if i was on staten island i would want everything stopped. >> neil: not starting on staten island. >> guest: to get attention necessary and say you are patting yourself on the back. and i have lost property andeving and hope. 92 why the hell are you running a race? y >> guest: if it was sold property like a telethon and like a fundraiser. and i think you could have convinced the people if it was
8:28 am
handled properly they are running for us. >> neil: you are trying to put a big stick. >> guest: it didn't happen. >> neil: it was a dumb idea. except for the generators for these guys. >> guest: millions would robbery there to contribute. you have people suffer they allow movie star to get on tv to laugh and jump and dance you could be right. >> guest: i am glad now. how is the race going to go? >> i thought it was going to be tight. but there is no question in my mind if people are disappoint in obama and take a good hard look at his opponent obama will return to office and he's begin. >> neil: you are not voting for mitt romney in? >> brian: i don't -- >> guest: i don't drink. >> neil: neither does he.
8:29 am
>> guest: you heard it first. he is not voting for mitt romney. >> neil: you heard it first. in the president's event. we'll go to you right now. i am sorry, i am sorry. i apologized it is one of those days and when we come back we'll go and the congressman, i got to get one of these things. we'll have more after [ male announcer ] they're here! the hottest new machines of 2013, get financing as low as 2.99% on all polaris atvs and side-by-sides including the new twenty-thirteens. plus rebates up to one thousand dollars on select twenty-twelves. incredible deals on... legendary sportsman... powerful rangers... and razor sharp razors. financing as low as 2.99% and rebates up to one thousand dollars ends december 31st. get all the detas at
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8:32 am
>> neil: i am not sure how the final davis rome looked or the babylonian empire i am sure it would look like this. a million pupple march going on in washington d.c. starting out the million muppet march to protest mitt romney's move to cut out spending for pbs. public broadcasting system
8:33 am
including sesame street and big bird. the actual big bird is 8 feet talk. it is a fake march. anyway. we have got a multibillion dollar storm clean up to worry about and sequestration cuts and expiration of all . bush tax rates and these people are mad about puppets. okay. ed henry traveling with the president. edward good to have you. how are thingings - things out there. >> we are here with the president and in all seriousness he will have a big rally in ohio . a big crowd in the gym. it is one of those key subbushes. but four years ago when he was a rock star cand date. one of his final rallies on
8:34 am
the last weekend before he was elected was in cleveland and he had 80,000 peope in part because of a cleveland browns game and this time there are several thousand but no where near 80,000 mentors in the suburb of chef clef. he - cleveland. he is now the incumbent and the problem he is dealing with. mitt romney is running as a cand date of change. we have seen the president pushing back. saying that mitt romney is not a cand date of change and charge that he is pushing old failed policies of the past. hing am bring jay z and bruce springsteen. and the president last case here is to say look. there is progress. you saw the unemployment kick
8:35 am
up slightly and a creation of jobs 170,000 and better than expected. and he's saying it is not good enough and slow process and noting here in the state of ohio. unemployment rate is 7 percent and better than the national average. they believe in the obama camp it would be a midwestern fire for them and they will carry it and make it hard for obama to reach the electorial votes he needs to take it away from the president. >> neil: we look at the president's travel plans. i am confused of the polls. we know from karl rove. 181,000 viewer democrats turned out for early voting or to file absentee ballots. i don't know if that means anything in and of itself. but it is a gap from last
8:36 am
time. are they talking about that or what do they think? they are. and this is why it is significant. early voting is aco part of the obama strategy to get reelected. democrats are more likely to do early vote republicans turn out on election day and not engage in early voting. the president needs a boost in ohio, florida and seeing big crowds and like in nevada out west as well the other thing to note, the president's travels were significant . they have thought if they look at polls suggesting that the president has a big lead in ohio. why is he coming here six times, the obama camp may be leading but they realize they don't have it locked up f. they had it locked up they wouldn't be here and in they had wisconsin locked up. that is a democraticitate that could go republican because of
8:37 am
paul ryan . the president points out that mitt romney has been in places like virginia and florida that he wanted to wrap up and bottom line. both sides have a lot of battle grounds that are up for grabs including right here in ohio. >> edhenry. in mentor ohio. and now to send scott to south carolina in congressman extraordinarye. what is it? a president visiting key states like ohio and wisconsin that he is worried. should he be? >> i think he should be worried. no doubt about it. early voting trend. the democrats are not showing up early. we are consistently won ohio in november 6th and this would be no different. intensity factor is on our side . the voters abysmal response from the democrats. and in the end, what is
8:38 am
positive for us, people want change. because they want jobs. this is, the president wants to own the economy. well it is his and it is not good. >> neil: congressman, the president is saying begin the latest jobs 180,000 jobs and best performance in eight months that those jobs are materialize that you are wrong? >> i say the unemployment rate went 7.9 to 7.8 and hovering around 8 percent . factoring in the folks no longer looking for jobs, unemployment rate is 10 percent . some say closer to 11 percent. we can have a conversation about statistic, but american people understand who is working and who is not work underemployed. 23 million americans looking and unemployed.
8:39 am
>> neil: can you see a scenario where mitt romney wins it without ohio? >> it is difficult, but if you win north carolina virginia and florida, it gives you more flexibilitiy in other states, but we anticipate because the difference in margins of error of throw percent in the last poll. 50-47 and bringing them altogether. in ohio we are in a positive position and my understanding is that the race is closer than 50-fren and down to one point now . three more days of campaigning tips it our way . if the voters are that democrats are not there . republicans will show up on election day we'll win ohio as well >> neil: your democratic colleague wants more funding for fem a. what do you say? >> i say pray for the victims
8:40 am
of hurricane sandy and the fact is, last year, one of the things we did in congress, we kept the money for hurricanes and emergencies outside of the budget process. we had specific funding for those emergencis and good news is october 1st new funding year start there is a lot of money there and if there needs to be adjustments, we have month to go. >> neil: but now is not the time to do it? >> guest: certainly not. there is plenty of mon yeif there is a short fall toward the next hurricane season adjustments can be made >> chris: thank you congressman. in florida early voting is ensuing. and if i put a verb to that tampa, florida much of the case in the sunshine. broward county and dade so many of the long lines and polling places. this is indictive of an
8:41 am
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>> neil: this is it a rally in ohio . to the right of your screen in florida. lines waiting to vote in tampa, florida. early voting is in full throttle now. i am not sure how much. 25-32 million that is a record .
8:45 am
on voting day we'll have 30 percent of the americans already voted, eligible voters. that is the final figure. it is a figure none theless. robert is a obama fundraiser you know, that is a big shin dig they had the other day where both candidates showed up . there he is waves to the peons in the crowd here. good to have you. >> guest: nice to be here >> chris: you think it looks good. >> guest: i think he would win. he looks strong in the battle ground field. >> neil: the reason why, karl rove who lives and breathes the numbers. he looked at the number of democrats who came out to vote early and that 1810,000 viewer have done so. and putting that back wards, he said that is not good for
8:46 am
the president . in the meantime 75,000 republicans better for mitt romney. >> guest: i think for every karl rove. he's highest in the certainty. >> neil: bottom li we don't know. >> guest: but look at early voting. romney would need 55 percent in the swing states basod where early voting is today. that seems too high. >> neil: you are average you pick up a couple is not. you feel good about the president. but to hear those chatting who like mitt romney. it is all ultimately a judgment call on the economy. it is better and good. economic numbers are better but not good; what do you say? >> guest: there a big debate on the august number and we only had one revision which
8:47 am
was up. and testimonies you the august number improved. >> neil: even you job growth was half what it should be. >> guest: i would not agree with that. you have a sector called the housing market that is just starting literally starting to move forward. >> neil: you are saying be grateful with the numbers. >> guest: it is not as fast as we want. but you have job gains in 32 straight mongs >> chris: you are a great numbers guy and that doesn't keep up with population growth. wait a innocent. since the president took off. he is down on the job? >> guest: no, we have created over three million new type of jobs >> chris: there is no way to prove that. created what? >> guest: look at job loss versus new job gain. like the construction sector.
8:48 am
we had three million new jobs created. and the only other president that did that was ronald reagan >> chris: it is a made up number. >> guest: it wouldn't be the first time >> chris: a lot of colleagues on wall street are worried about another four years of barack obama. they think that he's called them names and he said they don't pay enough taxes and they don't like him and some of them hate him? >> guest: there is a lot of vitriol. >> neil: you think the president overplayed the rich villian thing. >> guest: the rhetoric of fat cat is campaigning and if you look at the policies what we should debate. no one could debate the new reform for wall street. i was there. >> neil: i am on the job council. how often do you meet? >> guest: we have calls every
8:49 am
two weeks. >> neil: is the president in on the call? >> guest: no. >> neil: that tells you a lot. you never did that. >> guest: we gave a year in review that we are working on the administration with 60 that does not need legislative is shes and one of them most important issue is infrastructure. we have fast forward. and i wrote in wall street journal with two other people in january 2010 and supported that the president this country needs national partly cloudy bank. he's on board with that. it is partisan politics and not because it is not a good idea. >> neil: robert good to see you. thank you very much. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
8:50 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
leading that food drive effort. wall street legend in his own mind. he loves staten island of his own and disturbing new to share with us as well >> thanks for getting the word out on what is going on in staten iland. i am not leading anything. the entire community is here leading it in the abence of any federal assistance whatsoever. >> neil: we heard the possibility of more victims than we know in staten because authorities are only now getting to flooded homes.
8:54 am
>> i can tell you the shelter we are working at closed at 8:00 and set up a couple of tables in the street in one of the most affected areings. you know my brother and his friend and hundreds of volunteers are out here. this morning helping people dig out and we hear the sanitation guys screaming there is bodies in the pile and they pull away debris and unfortunately unreported right now that was an hour and half ago. three more people deceased. god bless them. >> neil: john, we are hearing that this is the first time rescue workers can get to these homes, but there is a lot of these homes. we are told hundreds of them . you know this area better than i do. are there that many homes up to now people haven't gotten to?
8:55 am
>>y neil. all of the houses that are affected you can get to. people in the neighborhood and people in the communities can get to them. we see huge convoys of fema and janet napolitano and homeland security driving by with clip board and writing things down. but not a single soul in the street. we have volunteers and people who are affected giving water out of their own house. people need blankets and you can get to these homes. the question is where is the government assistance? neil. we have spoken many times. there is not a federal agent helping a single person where we are. >> neil: when janet napolitano was there yesterday and federal local and state officials are patting each other on the back and saying a great job, you are not seeing that there? >> i am on the ground and live on the ocean and my house was affected we got iturped control and not as bad as
8:56 am
other people and we got out on the street and people are helping others. no, material agencies are driving through with clip board and all of the yellow vests and flash lights and not doing a single thing. they are writing reports and looking at clip board and no one is helping. people need help out here on staten island very badly. >> neil: john, thank you for doing your part. only serves as a reminder, we are hearing throughout much of the official talked-dom that everything is going well . fema is doing a great job and officials are on top . how many press conferences it and they are commending each other and saying they are all ahead of this and responding to this. but if you go to staten island and see what is happening on the ground there is a huge disconnect. before they start patting themselves on the back, they might want to start lifting the load off of these folks
8:57 am
back. they don't hear it or see it it is worse than you have been told. we'll continue to be on it. fox continues. any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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